My “Go To”…

This is how I dress on the daily. Casual cool. Jeans, Tee, Sweater or a light jacket, and boots. Yes, I wear boots 70% of the time. Half of my footwear…Boots!

I’m kinda getting used to the boots with the side or back zipper, but today I went back to the good ol lace em up, classically rugged Ben Sherman, BOOT. Love em!

Every man should have, at least 3 pairs of boots. Black Leather, Brown Leather, and something off the wall cool. Lace em up and step out of your mundane comfort zone.

You’ll never know how fly you can be if you never try!


Ran G







Thought this was a kool shot.^






Sweater – H&M

Graphic Tee – Gap (find your Fit)

Skinny Extreme Flex Jeans – American Eagle

Leather Back Pack – Coach

Leather Boots – Ben Sherman (not listed on the site, but you can find them on Amazon)

Leather Belt – Calvin Klein

Watch – Michael Kors (same but with black face)

Specs – Miyagi Eyewear (my style not listed on the site. Picked mine up from Lawrence T. Goodwin, Jr. Opthemologist – Los Angeles)


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