My Game’s On Track!

One of Will Smith’s lyrics is: “Like Jordan playing on a train, my game’s on track!” Get it???

Love that!

In this case, it’s my “sneaks game”. I’ve always been a Nike guy, but these Adidas are smokin! I dressed from the ground up, literally, starting with my shoes!

The shoes are the star. Shining BRIGHT and standing out. I thought, “What better place to shoot these babies than on a track. Although, I ain’t running in these. Style only.

Enjoy your day people!


Ran G











My Adidas – Shoe Carnival (many similar styles to choose from here)

Jean Sweats – American Eagle (similar style here)

White Tee – Wherever white Tees are sold!

Sweatshirt – Life is Good clothing (many styles here)

Blue Framed Specs – Unkown…stole em from my wife…

….and get your own wrist wear!


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