Many know me as an actor, many don’t. You can check out my resume and bio here. You can also see some of my work here.

After many years of turning down film after film because of my moral stance as a Christian, husband and father, and the fact that there’s so much garbage out there,  I decided to take the advice of one of my favorite directors, Quentin Tarantino.

He told me:

                               “Dude, you’re good. Keep writing and stacking your projects…                                 one day you’ll be able to make them all on your name alone.”

There was a lot more said during that conversation, but he had to get back to playing Taboo. My boy Billy used to host these game nights and invite a bunch of celebs. Now they have a TV show about it. Celebrity Game Night. Smh. Anyway… Quentin’s words stuck with me.

I continue to write screenplays as well as PILOTS for television, and stage so that I can DIRECT THEM ALL!!! Yes, I will always be in front of the camera, but have an equal love for being behind it.

I love every aspect of the business of Hollywood…most of it is not what you think. You kinda have to be there. Trust me on this…

Much Love,

Randy G.