Hello interesting, beautiful people!

Welcome to the world of Randy J. Goodwin!

Randy is an Actor who has starred and guest starred in over 40 television shows, movies of the week and films. He’s best know for his role of Davis Hamilton on the hit show Girlfriends, and as Dr. Jonas Martin from the very popular, The Vampire Diaries. He’s also a filmmaker. What does that mean? Well…he writes scripts, produces with partners, edits  and directs.

“You can’t be a one trick pony in this business if you want to survive.” – Randy

He attended the University of Nebraska at Lincoln for architecture, served in the United States Air Force, is a licensed cosmetologist for over 20 yrs, is a public speaker, teaches “acting according to an actor”, and this list goes on.

You will notice that this site is not just about acting, although, “entertainment” is the focus. Hollywood, Style, Health and Fitness: They ALL go hand in hand when it comes to the business of Entertainment, so why not have them all in one place?

“At RJGood.com, you’ll find everything from the latest project I’m working on, to what I think about the week’s opening films, to how I dress and look my best…(but not for what you think I pay. Shhh, let’s keep that between us.) I’ll also share with you tips on skincare, the art of “eating healthy” without eating healthy, working out, (how I gain and lose weight for roles), writing and shopping scripts and much, much more. Not to mention twisting the arms of some famous people to make an appearance here and there. He-he.”

“Also, if you’ve ever wanted to be in my business, I’ll share how I do what I do without crossing “that line”, from my acting/writing seminars, “Navigating Hollywood with Integrity”

We look forward, with great pleasure, to sharing with you, and hearing from you.

Thanks for stopping by!

Many Blessings!

Randy G.


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