In the Streets

Usually in jeans, sweats…or as Mimi G would say, my “Stretchy pants”, today I’m rolling  “Street Style”. Nowhere to go, just taking a stroll to the Coffee Bean for a Cafe Latte.

Who said you have to be heading somewhere to “style out” and feel good doing it? Take a walk, clear your head, take in God’s creation… I also get a kick out of people watching. We are some interesting creatures. LOL!!!

Enjoy the Day!


Ran G










Wool Blazer – All Saints (similar)

Charcoal Skinny Jeans – H&M

Short Sleeve Split Neck Tee – Lucky Brand (Macy’s – similar)

Boots – Zanipolo (A little hidden gem in downtown L.A.) Now, this is where I purchased the boots, but they are not shown on the site. Don’t know what to tell ya.

Socks – Hot Sox (similar)

Belt – Calvin Klein

Watch – you should know by now… Michael Kors

Bracelets – The Buckle

Matte Aviators – Express Men

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