50 Shades….no, 3… “3 Shades of Gray”

I was recently told…again, LOL!!! I was told that I always wear black, blue and GRAY. I can’t deny that most of my closet is comprised of these three “colors”. I like them. I do, however, have a few other colors. See the pink tee? The blue jeans? Lol…

Well, I decided to make good use of the grays today, so I decided to throw one look together, but change up the jacket with another jacket, then a sweater.

3 different shades of gray.

What’s your favorite?

Have a blessed week.

Ran G


Gray #1 – American Eagle Cardigan



Gray #2 – Free Planet Zip Up Hoody




Gray #3 – H&M Slim Fit Blazer






American Eagle Cardigan – Similar here from the Gap

Free People Zipper Hoody – Similar here from Zara

H&M Slim Fit Blazer

Gap Slim-Fit Blue Jeans

Gap Tee – Pink unavailable (Similar here)

Belt from The Buckle

Steve Madden Boots – Flower Print unavailable (Similar here)

Michael Kors Watch (Similar here)

 Miyagi Eyewear (my style not listed on the site. Picked mine up from Lawrence T. Goodwin, Jr. Opthemologist – Los Angeles)


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