The Dock

I love the water: lakes, streams, ocean, rain…warm rain. It’s still a bit chilly as we near Spring, so it’s even cooler near the water. Sweaters n Sweats to stay warmer during this season.

The grass isn’t quite green yet, and the leaves and flowers are beginning to bud so everything is kinda muted, earthy. I like it…but I do look forward to the bright, beautiful colors of Spring and Summer.

Fortunately, colors don’t define my mood. I’m always Sunny…and not just in Philly. Some of you will get the reference 😉

Have a Great day!


Ran G









Sweater – H&M

Sweats – H&M (similar style)

Boots – Auri: no longer available. (Similar Brand/Style)

Shades – American Eagle (similar styles)

Necklace – The Buckle (similar styles)

Wrist wear – The Buckle (similar styles)

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