“Grown Kid”

I love superheros! I was a comic book collector when I was kid and well into my teens. At least until my mom gave my “thousands” of comics away when I went off to college…

(Blank stare…and a tear)

Well, now that I’m grown, my love for The Incredible Hulk is still in me. Check out the Avengers T-shirt! I’ve been told that at a certain age, you shouldn’t wear certain things… To that I reply, “You’re right”, you just have to know HOW to wear certain things at a certain age.

I’m casual with the jeans and T, but a knit blazer with the Cons kinda classes up the joint, if you know what I mean.

Grown man… Kid at heart. Nothing wrong with that.









Black Knit Blazer – James Campbell

Slightly Stressed Slim Blue Jeans – American Eagle

Custom Converse – These were limited. Sorry 😦 (Similar here)

Marvel T-Shirt – Wherever Marvel is sold! (try here)

Military Style Belt – American Eagle

Watch – Michael Kors  (no longer avail. Similar here)

Shades – American Eagle

Bracelet – American Eagle (no longer avail. Similar here)

Be safe, be blessed…be stylish.

Ran G

One comment

  • I love this. I too collected comic books. Similar sad end-they were put in the garage when I moved out. Water and mold damage. Tragic. I think superheroes appeal to all, from age 1 to 100. I know you as a father and husband are a real life superhero in their eyes. In terms of fashion, I intend to recreate this look with a feminine twist!! Thanks for the inspiration!


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