Brighter Day

It snows…it melts. It’s cold, the clouds roll in blocking the sun, and guess what? It gets colder. I don’t like cold, gloomy, cloud filled days. I like warm, sunny, BRIGHT days! So no matter the weather, bright colors kinda do the same thing for me. RED always picks me up, stands me out…unless you’re at a Nebraska football game, then you just kinda blend in with the sea of Crimson. Lol….love it!








Hey…added this just because it’s a cool shot 😉



“Gonna be a H&M kinda day”

SWEATER: H&M (looks like Red was only for the holidays. sorry, other colors here)

Blue Polka Dot Button Down: H&M (choose your style here)

Blue Cotton Suit Pant: H&M

 Socks: H&M (many styles to choose from

Shoes: Aldo (by way of DSW)

Watch: Michael Kors (similar styles. find what you like)

Belt: The Gap

Whoops…almost forgot the TIE: Dockers (has dope ties believe it or not)

Have Blessed Day!!!

Ran G

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