Out of the Woods

Although NOT my first post ever, this is my first “Style” post, and I’m very excited about sharing “My Style” with all of you. I’ve always been a stylish guy, but I lean more toward what smaller framed guys could wear, and that was usually from a European designer who didn’t make fits for me. Jealous? I admit it. I was…but today, with designers cutting styles to fit the more athletic man, I’m giddy that I can wear whatever I want!!! Lol!

Also, thanks to Mimi G of Mimi G. Style, I consider¬† pieces that I probably never would’ve thought looked good on me.

But this…the “Sexy lumberjack” as Mimi puts it, is me. I’m a native Nebraskan and love the great outdoors. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a city guy, but when it comes to God’s country, there’s nothing like being close to nature. Mountains, forests, oceans, deserts…

Hope you enjoy my “Sexy lumberjack” out of the woods, hanging in the city.









  • jacket: American Eagle – jeans: The Gap (slim fit) – boots: Aldo
  • T shirt/belt/scarf: Calvin Klein – watch: Michael Kors – gloves: h&m


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