I was in the military, USAF. While in, I was actually recruited by the OSI, (that was interesting to say the least). Anyway…I’m just a guy who supports my brothers and sisters in arms, no matter the branch, we are soldiers! We are America!

Wearing the Bomber Jacket makes me wanna hop in the cockpit of a F-35 Lightning, that’s why I have that “mean look” on my face. I’m ready to fight for what matters! In war, in peace, there’s still a fight every day. Go get it!








Bomber Jacket (Members Only, but no longer in stock): A close second is Marc New York by Andrew Marc

Black Twill Pants: H&M

Colorful Tees: American Eagle Outfitter

Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction (similar styles)

Watch: Michael Kors…of course! (similar styles)

Soft Leather Briefcase: Kenneth Cole

Belt…I have no idea. Sorry.

Fight on!

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